Privacy and Security Policy for the Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University


Welcome to the website of the Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University (NTUEE). In order to ensure your security when accessing the services and information provided by this website, we would like to introduce to you the website’s privacy and information security policies. Please carefully read the following articles aimed at protecting your interests:


Scope of policy

This privacy rights and information security policy only applies to ‘’ domain. This policy does not apply to other websites that can be accessed via hyperlinks on this website. We will not bear any liability for your security while you browse those websites.


1.      Privacy Policy

Collection and use of information

(a)    This website will not collect any personal information when a user simply browses on or downloads files from it.

(b)   When you are using interactive functions, this website will retain some personal information you provide. But we will not disclose or use your personal data other than our own collection purposes.

(c)    This website will log the users’ IP address, access time, and frequency of access to information. The information on the browsing and access activities of users is recorded for internal administration purposes so that the total volume of website traffic and network activity can be calculated. This information is important to the improvement of our services.

(d)   This website will not sell or lease your personal information to other groups, individuals, or private entities, or exchange it with them, except due to legal requirements or comply with applicable laws and norms, we must provide relevant information to the authority or a law enforcement agency.

(e)    These policies are subject to revision at any time. Any revisions to the policies will be posted on this website.


2.      Information Policy

This website prohibits unauthorized persons from taking any action that would compromise the confidentiality, integrity or utilization of this website. Violators will be dealt with according to the law. This website has the following security measures to better ensure its secure and uninterrupted operations:

(1)   a firewall and anti-virus systems to prevent illegal intrusion;

(2)   backup operations that are carried out on a regular basis.


3.      Terms of Use


(a)    Obligations and Commitments of the Users

The user shall abide by the “Norms for the use of Taiwan Academic Network”, “Norms for the use of NTU campus networks” and related laws. The user shall not only promise not to use the service for any unlawful purpose or in any illegal manner, but also comply with relevant laws and regulations of the Republic of China and international practice of using internet. The user agrees to abide by the laws of their own country or region. The user agrees and guarantees not use NTUEE website to infringe the rights of others or illegal acts. The violator shall have liability for law.

(b)   Self-protection mechanism

Please protect your account, password and any of personal information well. And do not provide your personal information to someone else, especially password. Please remember to logout the system of the website when you are not using it. If you use a sharing or public computer, please remember to close the browser to prevent someone get your important and personal information.


4.      Copyright Statement

All content within the NTUEE website, including the text, audio, video, images, and the layout, are properties of NTUEE. Please contact us first for reprints of any kind.


5.      Changes to this policy

In order to protect user’s interests and network security, an announcement of any changes to this policy will be posted on NTUEE website.


6.      Contact

If you have any questions about this policy statement or NTUEE website, please E-mail to at any time.