Among all the related departments, NTU's EE is prestigious. The department attracts the best students. Since 1970, the undergraduate program of the department has been the first choice of the science and engineering track students taking part in the annual university entrance exam. The master and doctoral programs are also the favorite of the EE/CS graduates. The alumni carry on with the legacy of excellence. Many (if not the majority) hold leadership positions all around industrial, manufacturing, and research institutes all over the world.

The department faculty is often in the spotlight of the local or international research community. To showcase a few:

1 Distinguished Fellow from Academia Sinica
5 National Chair Professors
10 MOE Academic Medals
5 Distinguished Youth Medals,
42 NSC Distinguished Research Awards (DSA),
1 0utstanding Woman Youth Medal
1 ACM Fellow
4 OSA Fellows
27 IEEE Fellows
4 SPIE Fellows
1 IAMBE Fellow
2 IET Fellows
1 IOP Fellow
1 Elected Member, Asian Pacific Academy of Materials Science
1 ISCA Fellow

One thing remarkable is that although a large number of the faculty members hold Ph.D. degrees from foreign universities and begin their research career abroad, most of the IEEE fellows are elected fellow for the work they carry out in Taiwan. The number of National Science Council's Research Excellency Award winners, the number of technology transfers and patent cases, and the average number of publication in SCI and IEEE journals are all top the EE departments in Taiwan. The quality and quantity of the faculty's research is comparable to the top EE departments in the universities world wide.