Integrated Circuits and Systems
Electromagnetic Waves
Communications and Signal Processing
Automatic Control
Power/Power Electronics Engineering
Computer Science
Electronic Design Automation
Biomedical Engineering

Integrated Circuits and Systems
‧Digital/Analog/Mixed-signal/RF IC Design
‧Multimedia System/ Video/ Image/3D Graphics IC Design
‧Wireless Communication IC Design
‧Power IC Design
‧Biomedical System-on-Chip Design
‧IC Testing/Verification

‧Techniques of molecular beam epitaxy
‧MOS device thin oxide film characteristics.
‧|||-V solid state electronic devices and electro-optic devices.
‧Si detector devices circuits etc.

Electromagnetic Waves
‧Microwave and millimeter circuit and antenna.
‧Microwave scattering,image formation and target recognition.
‧Measurements of indoor wireless communication channels characteristics and simulation of propagation
‧Signal Integrity Design for High-Speed Digital Systems

‧Integrated optics and electro-optics devices.
‧Electro-optical phenomena of semiconductors and techniques of photoelectron.
‧Optical fiber optics and applications of optical communication.
‧Techniques of laser and applications of electro-optics.
‧Microwave conjectures and techniques of calibration.

Communications and Signal Processing
‧Digital Signal Processing
‧Communication and Coding Theory
‧Wireless and Mobile Communications
‧Broadband Networks
‧Optical Communication Systems
‧Computer Networks

Automatic Control
‧Systems of control theories on linearity,adaptation,and intelligence
‧Sophisticated server control and applications on national defense and industry
‧Robotics and atomization engineering
‧Remote control and techniques of GPS
‧Multi-agent networked dynamical systems

Power/Power Electronics Engineering
‧Wind Power Generation.
‧Solar Power Generation.
‧Power Electronics.
‧Power IC.
‧Electric Energy Processing.
‧Battery Management System.
‧Smart Grid.
‧Computer Relaying.
‧Analysis of power quality and system stability.

Computer Science
‧Internet and multimedia systems.
‧Encoding programs of parallel algorithm and vectors.
‧Fault tolerance and computation theories.
‧Computer structure.
‧Computational Theory.
‧Database and Data Mining.
‧Mobile Computing.
‧Network Security and Cryptography.
‧Multimedia Networking.
‧Mobile Wireless Networks.
‧Wireless Sensor Network.
‧Network Simulation and Modeling.
‧Formal Verification.
‧Embedded system.

Electronic Design Automation
‧SoC hardware/software co-design
‧Design and simulation of high-level hardware description languages
‧Logic synthesis
‧VLSI formal verification
‧VLSI physical design
‧Circuit simulation and modeling
‧VLSI testing and design for testability
‧Design for yield and manufacturing
‧Characteristic measurement for IC packaging
‧Quantum computing

Biomedical Engineering
‧Systems of interface between handicapped and computers,Micro-bending optical fiber sensors.
‧Noninvasive electronic meter of blood-sugar and blood-oxygen.
‧Circulatory-systemed creature physics and nerve theories.
‧Functional MRI.