Name Job Office Branch Phone Number E-mail Address
Chen, Mei-Yueh Graduate Academic Affairs EE2 Room110 +886-2-33663592
Lin, Chang-Jen IEET、Scholarship EE2 Room110 +886-2-33663516
Su, Mei-Ju Academic Affairs-Curriculum EE2 Room110 +886-2-33663593
Liang, Li-Yen International Affairs EE2 Room110 +886-2-33663586
Hsiang, Hsin-Kai Undergraduate Student Affairs EE2 Room110 +886-2-33663700ext172
Liu, Jen-Sen General Affairs EE2 Room112 +886-2-33663561
Pan, Yen-Zen General Affairs (EE2 Building) EE2 Room112 +886-2-33663564
Liu, Ta-Hsun General Affairs Deputy EE2 Room112 +886-2-33663700ext161
Lee, Kuang-Ming Offical Document Delivery EE2 Room112 +886-2-33663700ext155
Chung, Chen-Hua Letter Delivery EE2 Room112 +886-2-33663700ext156
Sim, Hung-Tai Off-Worktime Stand-in EE2 Room112 +886-2-33663700ext171
Jeng, Hsiiu-Chuan Alumni Newsletter, Webite, Continuing Education EE2 Room121 +886-2-33663700ext169
Lu, Ya-Wei Accounting EE2 Room112 +886-2-3366373563
Yang, Jo-Lin Research Projects EE2 Room112 +886-2-33663562
Chia, Yung-Ju Adminstration EE2 Room122 +886-2-33663591
Lo, Ju-Fang Alumni Affairs EE2 Room122 +886-2-33663594
Lin, Li-Chung Personnel EE2 Room122 +886-2-33663590
Chi, Chong-Yih Microwave and Millimeter-wave Circuits Lab.,Photographer EE2 Room507 +886-2-33663565
Wu, Chien-Nien General Affairs (EE3 Building) BL-Room102 +886-2-33663500
Wong, Jen-Yu General Affairs (EE4 Building) MD Room323 +886-2-33669636
Chao, Shi-Long Research and Teaching Deputy EE2 Room137 +886-2-33663538
Chuang, Shiang-Wei Research and Teaching Deputy EE2 Room253 +886-2-33663535
Hung, Sheng-Yang Research and Teaching Deputy EE2 Room203 +886-2-33663678
Yu-Hua, Tuan Network Management EE2 Room121 +886-2-33663700#170
Seng-Hsiang, Lin International Affairs EE2 Room110 +886-2-33663700 #173
Liu-Hao, Fan International Affairs EE2 Room121
Ching-Yen, Lee International Affairs EE1 Room405
Guan-Jhong, Lin International Affairs EE1 Room405