The Graduate Institute of Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University is well recognized for its outstanding research achievements and fostering high quality engineers/researchers. The Graduate Institute of NTUEE is composed of three divisions: Automatic Control division, Power System/Power Electronics division, and Computer Science division .The institute consists of 32 outstanding faculty, among which there are 8 IEEE follows, 1 ACM fellow, and numerous recipients of national research awards.

The Institute is devoted into development of frontier technologies/science. The research disciplines cover the following topics: robotics, nanotechnologies, GPS navigation, computer network control and management, linear/nonlinear system analysis and control, intelligent control, adaptive control, real-time control, power electronics, power IC, renewable energy, power converter, smart grid, power system analysis, power system stability and control, computer relaying, artificial intelligence, computation theory, cloud-computing, dependable distributed computing, quantum computing, SOC design verification, internet technologies, wireless network and mobile computing, multi-media technologies, operating systems, music signal processing, computer processing of speech signal, verification automation, software testing, cyber-security, etc. The institute welcomes potential students to apply the Master degree or Ph. D. degree program. All faculty of Graduate Institute of NTUEE can speak Chinese as well as English. All courses can be taught either in Chinese or English depending on the needs of students.